Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Farmville Bot Has Been Moved Now!

Howdy Y'al?
Just got a update, I have shifted to a premium domain and hosting and will no longer be posting about farmville bot on this blogspot. If you want to stay in tune with the latest please go to official famrville bot site.

Have Fun and continue using famrville bot and supporting us!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farmville Bot Is Released!

Okay, so I have successfully compiled the software, so here I am to present you *drum roll* farmville bot.
This is totally unique software unlike the other bots. This will not only automate your game but also do things very rapidly, saving you a lot of time.

Lets talk about its features now. My famrville bot can do the following automatically:
It Will Plant Crops For You!
It Will Harvest Crops for you.
It Will Plow For You.
Farmville Bot will harvest trees.
Help You neighboring farms.
It also has the ability to harvest you animals.

Installation is not required for this software. Simply download the zip archive and run the "farmvillebot.exe" file. Farmville bot queitly works in the background so you don't get annoyed by it.

Above I had mentioned that this farmville ot is unique, the reason is: it doesn't use stupid macro to automate. It uses a proper programming language [C++] to send request to the server. It is safer, faster and much more dependale method.

I have included a "Read Me"file which will help you to understand the software so you can use it easily!
Farmville bot FTW!

Farmville Bot Will Be Released in Next 24 Hours!

Hwody People?

I am really excited about the software release. Though its not a commercial project or anything bit at all, but still I have put my work into it and it seems to be great right now. i am fixing a few minor bugs and then I will compile the source code.

Just keep your eyes open, I will be putting up the farmville bot download link at any moment!


Farmville Farming Tips!

With the help of FarmVille tricks it is possible to at least learn how you can earn experience points faster and these tricks can also help you get more out of the game. A useful hint that is worth trying out is learning that it pays to do multiple crops which is a trick that works admirably well. All that is required is to plant fifty percent of the farm with crops that are higher paying and which take several days to harvest.

Download farmville bot.

Plant the remaining fifty percent with crops that provide quick turnover throughout the day. In addition, be sure to do the planting of pumpkins and rice at the end of the day and before you actually turn in for the night. Also, be careful that you strike the perfect balance between experience and profit and so one of the simpler FarmVille secrets in this regard would be to ensure that you plant short term crops such as Raspberry and Strawberry along with long term crops which give you a chance to reap more profits.

When planting short term crops you can earn two experience points for each seed planted. These seeds should be those that sprout up in twenty four hours, and not less. In addition, be sure to avail of other simple FarmVille hints such as ensuring to understand the value of trees as well as animals that are certainly going to prove to be wonderful investments.

Download farmville bot.

Another secret that is worth learning is to click the tab that will then send requests to those who are not as yet your neighbors. It is important to send requests because even if a friend of yours from Facebook is playing FarmVille it does not mean that they automatically become your neighbor. So, be sure to request them to become your friends.

At the same time, the more friends that are invited to play with you, the more opportunities will open up for you to expand your farm. This means that you can plant more seeds and have more neighbors available to help you out. By visiting or helping other farms on a daily basis it is even possible to earn another five experience points per farm.

Monday, October 11, 2010

If You Are A Developer than help me!


I am looking for developers who know c++ or Python like the back of their hand who can help me build farmville bot.

Basically, I would need you to code me some easy modules that will save some data and read/write files. I will do the automation part as I have already started with it.

If you can beta test my app, t will be great too, i am particularly looking for Mac OSX beta testers.
Please E-mail me / janghu@satyawrat.com /

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The 5 Golden Tips!

1. Harvesting animals can be very time consuming and offers little reward. So unless you enjoy it leave this job and do something more constructive. Collect enough animals to earn all of your ribbons and then sell them on.
2. Don’t expand your farm as soon as you have enough coins to do so. Wait until you have enough coins to but the land and fill it with crops. If you don’t it may take you a day or two of harvesting trees and animals to get enough coins together to fill your land.
3. As with the animals only help out your neighbours when you either want to or need to to earn a ribbon. Helping your neighbours yields small returns. You should be focusing your time on larger coin returns for your time.
4. Maximaize your fuel consumption. Over time your fuel refills automatically. Use this to your advantage andgo on little and as often as you can to get the most out of your fuel.
5. Don’t get bogged down by asthetics. Before bothering about the look of your farm you need to have the coins to buy the stuff with. Until you have all of the FV coins you need to buy everything you want your sole focus should be on making as much money as possible.

If you have read my previous post about farmville bot here: farmville software, you must be knowing about the free farmville tool that I am developing.

The Golden Tip: Use farmville bot to speed up the game and easily automate the game.

Hello People!

I am making this blog to post a very good farmville bot which will help you automate Zygna farmville game easily. So stay tuned. I will be frequently posting about the development of the tool. I think within next week or so I will release this to the general public. Till then keep you eyes open for farmville bot
Thank You!